Saturday, March 26, 2011

Work at Home Classified

Work at Home Classified

You will find many windows of opportunity in work at home classifieds. You will also find that work at home classifieds cater to scams too. In fact, hundreds of people are falling for work at home classified ads touting opportunities that promise to earn them instant wealth and quick cash. So how does one protect themselves from such blatant scams and at the same time, manage to land legitimate opportunities from these work at home classified ads?

Watch out for Fees

This should be a mantra which all people browsing through work at home classified ads should adopt. Real work at home classified ads do not charge you any money so be wary of ads that require a certain amount of money, no matter how modest. They’re the ones who are supposed to be paying you and not the other way around. It is likely that these work at home classified ads are nothing but fraudulent claims promising to give you high returns and at the same time aiming to rip you off.

Just imagine being in a job interview when suddenly the interviewer turns to you and says, “We think you’re right for the job but we need to make sure that you are really serious about our offer. As a guarantee, we’re going to ask you to pay us up front an amount of money.” Would you pay him? Chances are you won’t. What company in its right mind would ask prospective hires to pay them so they can work? If that’s the case, then no one would apply for a job and the companies will be several employees short in their work force.

Watch out for Work at Home Classified Ads for “Envelope Stuffers”, “Mail Processors”, and “Home Typists.”

These are the commonest work at home classified ads you’ll probably find. They’re available almost everywhere from the Internet and newspapers to the street light and telephone pole at your corner. They also quote huge amounts of returns for such a relatively simple job and because of this, many people fall for these work at home classified scams.

The truth is that most of the work at home classified ads involving these types of job are scams. They ask you to pay a certain amount of money which they claim is used for the instructional materials and training software which they will send you. What they fail to mention is that these so-called “instructions” turn out to be nothing but a clipping for an ad – the same one you read in fact – asking you to mail copies of these to people that you know.

But don’t get us wrong though. There are work at home classified ads out there that are legitimate. But the scams are equally numerous and to be on the safe-side, it’s best if you avoid them all together.

Beware of Work at Home Classifieds with typos and ALL CAPS.

Common sense tells you that someone who can’t even spell isn’t worth working for, no matter how cheap or how easy getting the job might be. Do you really want to work for someone who writes bad work at home classified ads?

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